Joan van Barneveld

(slow heavy metal music playing)

Opening Sunday 21 January 2018 14:0018:00

Exhibition21 January 24 February 2018   

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My major fascination and the main motivation for my musical practice are those moments of transcendence where my recordings function as a clear mirror, whenever I have managed to bypass myself as a creator, as a thinking and steering persona, in the course of the creative process. My recent paintings are a parallel pictorial, non-illustrative, reflection on this dynamic process, while also being products of this process. This plastic dimension of my artistic practice opens up the possibility for me to reflect on my work and its content. To my mind, the core of my practice truly opens out and is communicated only when crystallized in my paintings. I now seek to devote myself to producing work, in this incident to put together an exhibition that substantiates, preserves and allows for the intangible, open-ended, unresolved quality of my work, its soft-focusedness that is so dear to me, in all its heaviness – however paradoxical this may seem, given its essence.  (Joan van Barneveld)