Entre terre et mer

Opening Sunday 10 September 2017 14:0018:00

Exhibition10 September 14 October 2017   

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Stijn Cole
Stijn Cole


Landscape painting is a well-established genre. Those who may be wondering whether mountains, valleys, trees, rivers, seas and forests still function as sources of inspiration to contemporary artists will undoubtedly respond with a resounding “yes” upon viewing Stijn Cole’s work (°1978, Ghent). Stijn Cole is a versatile artist, who is obsessed with the continuous flow of natural phenomena and its effect on human beings. Cole’s eclectic production of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and objects reveals his efforts to study and analyse this universal theme. Based on his choice of subject matter, we might be tempted to classify him as a ‘modern-day romantic’ or a ‘contemporary impressionist’, in the best tradition of a Kaspar David Friedrich or a Claude Monet - except for the fact that Cole is not so much interested in the landscape itself as in Colour, Light and Time, the conceptual elements that determine our experience of nature. Depending on the season and the time of day, the landscape takes on different hues from one minute to the next, depending on the intensity of the light it is catching at that exact moment. How do we perceive our natural environment? How is our perception influenced by external circumstances? And, on a more fundamental level, what is time? What is space? Rather than propagating formal beauty, Cole’s works are honing our viewing quality: we closely examine the real or unrealistic scale of objects, his chosen viewpoint, time frame, distance from the subject, the way he selects and frames his subject… The end result compels us to take a fresh look at light, at colour, at the landscape and at our experience of time. (text: Grete Simkuté)