Lucas Devriendt

° 1955
Lives and works in Ghent (Belgium)


JE ME RENDS - oil on canvas (2016) - 48x48cm

HECTOR - oil on canvas (2013) - 62x51cm

DE HAND VAN JULIE - oil on canvas (2016) - 48x48cm

STILL LIFE - oil on canvas (2016) - 48x48cm

LOTTA II - oil on canvas (2013) - 64x54cm


Lucas Devriendt paints realistic images but with its own picturality. His recognizable figurative images always start from his self and reality. His approach to reality in interaction with his paintings translates into intense images. He mixes his experiences in the physical world with the feelings of others. The work fits within the traditional painting, but also shows how painting can act on its own. His works show how this can happen in an actual, even subversive manner, and how painting can be moved to a hard new reality.