Joan van Barneveld

°1978, Veghel (The Netherlands)


van Barneveld

A PAINTING - acrylic on canvas (2015) - 77x94cm (photo Werner Mantz)

van Barneveld

I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU - acrylic on canvas (2016) - 40x50cm (photo Werner Mantz)

van Barneveld

BE HERE NOW - acrylic on canvas (2015) - 80x80cm (photo Werner Mantz)

va Barneveld

ECHO PARK - acrylic on canvas (2015) - 90x90cm (photo Werner Mantz)

GIMME SHELTER - acrylic on canvas (2015) - 140x140cm

van Barneveld

UNTITLED - acrylic on canvas (2015) - 135x150cm (photo Werner Mantz)

van Barneveld

WHITE LIGHT WHITE HEAT - acrylic on canvas (2015) - 140x140cm


Disappearance plays a central role in the paintings of Joan van Barneveld. Painting for her is a way to create as much distance between herself and her subject-matter, as well as between the subject-matter and her audience. The image is driven as far away from recognition as possible. The formal way of working even minimizes her role as creator as much as possible through the use of printing techniques onto canvas. What is left are vague colorful gradients, and shadowy contours of an image. The atmospheric quality of these works is often informed and reinforced by her other passion: music. The lightness of these paintings seem to contrast the darkness of the sound, but the way in which the chords and rhythms slowly drag themselves to an undefined destination is equally felt when one is immersed in either.

Joan van Barneveld was a participant at the Van Eyck in Maastricht in 2015/2016. Her work has been the subject of solo exhibitions at Museum Het Domein Sittard (Echoes, 2009) and the Bonnefantenmuseum Maastricht (MIRROR/STAGE, 2016). In 2014 the book Into longing, vast rock was published by Onomatopee. Joan van Barneveld is also musician. She released many albums, and continues to do so with her current project T.S.O.S.

Curriculum Vitae

Slow heavy metal music playing, (re)D., Antwerp (solo)
How to disappear completely, Garage, Rotterdam
Day for night, LMAK Gallery, New York
Illusion and Revelation (Collectieopstelling), Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
Joan van Barneveld, Nicolas Lachance, Manor Grunewald, (re)D., Antwerp
Mirror/Stage, Bonnenfantenmuseum, Maastricht (solo)
Thrilling Autonomy, Eindhoven Psych Lab, Eindhoven
Bad Moon Rising, Paul Loya Gallery, Los Angeles
LMAKProjects, New York (solo)
Gulf, Fordham University Gallery, New York
CODA Black, CODA Museum, Apeldoorn
Hit the Lights, Paul Loya Gallery, Los Angeles
Dream like state, Van Sint Fiet underground gallery, Maastricht
Miscellaneous, Galerie Wilms, Venlo
Keep the ghosts away, Jan van Eyck Academie, Maastricht
Een I treurend om een punt, SCHUNCK, Heerlen
Stages, LMAKProjects, New York
De lucht is tastbaarder dan mijn gedachte, Chateau d’Aspremont-Lynden, Oud Rekem
The Invisible Color, Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht
Painting, Five Perspectives, galerie Tegenboschvanvreden, Amsterdam
RE:Happy Days, The Rose Frustrate and Onomatopee, Eindhoven
Until My Darkness Goes…, LMAKprojects, New York
Echoes, Museum Het Domein, Sittard (solo)
Schunck@pinkpop newseum, Pinkpop, Landgraaf
Schunk Collectors House, Schunk Glaspaleis, Heerlen,
Dutch Royal Prize for Painting 2008, GEM, Den Haag
Parkstad Limburg Prijs 2008, Stadsgalerij, Heerlen
Recent Aquisitions, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
Mooi niet, Gouvernement, Maastricht
Fresco, de Fabriek, Eindhoven
Prospect park, Bonnefantenmuseum, Maastricht
Space invaded, B32, Maastricht
Im atelier, IKOB Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Eupen
Lovehatelove, Marktstraat 10, Roermond